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As a permanent material glass is 100% and infinitely recyclable, making it the perfect packaging choice for products today and in the future.

A recycled glass container becomes a new glass container with no alteration of the material’s molecular structure, and glass has a powerful role to play in a truly circular economy. Glass recycling is a responsible and measurable action that consumers, SMMEs and corporates can take to benefit the environment and create employment.

Through our committed support of national recycling bodies and facilities, and legislation such as the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) regulations in South Africa, Ardagh Glass Packaging – Africa is championing glass’s role in the circular economy.

Continuous research and investment in technology and processes help to reduce our waste, raw material and energy usage and carbon footprint. Ardagh Glass Packaging – Africa has demonstrated its world-class expertise in running electrical furnaces and is poised to realise the potential of zero-carbon glass.

Design expertise


Government introduced Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) regulations into South Africa’s waste management regime in 2021. These regulations are intended to ensure the effective and efficient management of end-of-life products. This means producers will be responsible for the entire life cycle of their products and packaging.

EPR will play a critical role in minimising waste, ensuring sustainable waste management and supporting South Africa’s transition to a circular economy.

EPR legislation, which was gazetted in April 2021, requires producers such as Ardagh Glass Packaging (AGP) to become or join an industry producer responsibility organisation (PRO). Ardagh is a member of The Glass Recycling Company (TGRC), which is a voluntary EPR scheme for glass packaging. TGRC is currently establishing itself as a PRO in line with the new regulations, which came into effect from 5 November 2021, and Ardagh will continue as a member of the organisation.

Ardagh fully supports the EPR initiative and others aimed at building more sustainable value chains and circular economies in South Africa and on the continent.