Ardagh Glass Packaging

A leading glass packaging supplier in Europe

When it comes to quality products and service, Ardagh is regarded as the industry’s leading provider. It’s by the standards we set that others are measured. Continual improvement processes, rigorous key performance indicators and advanced inspection and production monitoring systems are all evidence of our determination to deliver zero defect quality in all facilities.

Ardagh produces glass packaging in all shapes and sizes for the world's leading brands. As well as offering a choice of 17 colours, we have the resources and expertise to create distinctive and innovative glass packaging that can set a brand apart. Glass protects its contents perfectly, is eye-catching, has a strong shelf presence and expresses a brand’s personality.

NextGen Furnace

Ardagh Glass Packaging’s NextGen Furnace is a ground-breaking, new hybrid electric furnace technology which will lead to a significant reduction in CO₂ emissions from the glass manufacturing process. Glass manufacturing has traditionally been an energy-intensive process. By changing the way the furnace is powered to 80% renewable electricity and 20% gas, carbon emissions in the furnace will be reduced by as much as 60%. Watch our video to see how the NextGen Furnace can deliver low carbon, sustainable glass products that are key to a circular economy.

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  • The Glass Hallmark – A new industry symbol
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The Glass Hallmark – A new industry symbol

Consumers’ concerns about sustainability are increasing as they consciously consider the impact of the products they purchase. Eager to reduce their environmental footprint, consumers expect businesses to do more to help them with making more sustainable product choices – from purchase to disposal.

It’s no surprise that consumers are choosing food and beverages in sustainable packaging. Glass is not only infinitely recyclable, but also a natural and healthy pack type that preserves the quality of the products it protects.

To raise awareness of all the benefits of glass packaging, the industry has created the Glass Hallmark, a symbol that represents all the positive attributes of glass, to help consumers make informed decisions when shopping.

The Glass Hallmark symbolises the unique characteristics of glass packaging that support a sustainable future and:

  • its infinite recyclability without any loss in purity or quality.
  • its inert nature, vital for preserving the quality of the product inside.

The Glass Hallmark reminds consumers what they already love about glass, and its role in creating a sustainable future.

To use the Glass Hallmark on your glass packaging please visit or talk to your Ardagh Glass Packaging representative.


A glass bottle preserves the freshness and taste of its contents while offering that celebratory clink, so it’s perfect for beer. An amber glass beer bottle provides 99.9% protection from UV rays, and glass is a great insulator, so it keeps beer colder longer than any other type of single-serve packaging. Ardagh Group supplies glass beer bottles to some of Europe's best-known brewers and supplies many craft brewers with quality glass beer bottles throughout the continent.


Glass provides the highest level of protection; nothing gets in or out, so food stays fresh and the taste of the product is preserved. From baby food to vegetables and coffee to cooking sauces, glass bottles and jars are available in every conceivable size and shape.



As Europe’s leading glass bottle manufacturer, Ardagh supplies cider glass bottles in a range of sizes and shapes. The insulation qualities of our glass bottles keep the cider cool and fresh. Available in predominantly brown and green, these colours block a significant amount of UV light, protecting the cider’s flavour. It's hard to imagine golden, sparkling cider in any other material because nothing preserves the freshness, taste and quality quite like it.

Flavoured Alcoholic Beverages

Flavoured alcoholic beverages

Glass is a great choice for alcoholic beverage packaging because of its endless design possibilities and infinitely recyclable properties. As Europe’s largest glass manufacturer, we are able to recycle glass to create stunning beverage bottles without losing quality or purity in the process. Glass also helps to retain the freshness of the alcoholic drink. These are sold in an array of colours and designs. Glass provides the ideal packaging, with endless creative possibilities for eye-catching designs and decorative techniques.


With our groundbreaking decoration services and innovation processes, we offer more options and flexibility than ever before. For wine lovers, glass is the only packaging material that will do. Wine bottled in glass stays tasting great, and indeed, many bottled wines improve with age. Glass bottles also allow brands to create a point of difference for themselves, through colour, shape and decoration.

Non-alcoholic beverages

Our glass packaging for non-alcoholic beverages comes in different shapes, sizes and colours, expertly designed to enhance the brand image and to stand out on the shelf. From spring waters to juices and sodas, view our range of glass bottles here. This market includes everything from pure spring waters to globally recognised soft drinks. We provide glass packaging that adds appeal, enhances a product’s image and gives a brand real cut-through in this competitive marketplace.


Spirit glass bottles can be manufactured in a variety of creative shapes and colours, and when textures and embossing techniques are applied, the premium packaging is the perfect showcase for these type of products. Glass is the material of choice for spirit producers and consumers in Europe and across the globe. Our glass bottles are filled with world-famous whiskies, vodkas, gins, cocktails and liqueurs. We have created award-winning glass packaging for many international brands making Ardagh a significant supplier to the industry.


Glass packaging is perfect for pharmaceuticals due to its ability to be sterilised easily, being resistant to temperatures and non-reactive to chemicals. In an industry where protection and safety are paramount, glass packaging solutions provide an excellent option. When product protection and safety are of the utmost importance, an inert material such as glass is the ideal packaging option. Glass packaging safeguards contents from oxygen ingress and cross-contamination, providing the ultimate protection.