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A leading glass packaging supplier in Africa

Ardagh Glass Packaging–Africa (AGP–A) was established in 2022 when Ardagh Group (Ardagh) successfully concluded the strategic acquisition of Consol Glass.

For nearly 80 years we have exemplified manufacturing excellence across Africa, producing world-class, sustainable glass packaging for a better world. Our products are pure, healthy, beautiful, innovative, perfectly adaptable and infinitely recyclable.

Our team in Africa has an unwavering commitment to quality with world-class in-house expertise, coupled with a customer-centric approach to providing specialised, turnkey solutions to packaging requirements.

Our production facilities in South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya and Ethiopia manufacture a range of glass packaging for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries, serving a wide range of local and international customers. Our retail shops, located in Gauteng, Western Cape and KwaZulu Natal sell innovative, loved and trusted glass products and packaging to families and small businesses, from single units up to a dozen pallets at a time.

Through technological and process excellence and a passionate, skilled and values-driven workforce, AGP–Africa is well-positioned to meet the growing consumer demand for premium, quality, sustainable glass packaging in Africa.


Glass provides the highest level of protection as it acts as a secure barrier to keep products safe and extend their shelf life, even after it’s been opened. Glass promises to keep your favourite products safe, fresh and tasting just as good as it was intended. From baby food to vegetables, coffee to sauces, glass bottles and jars are available in every conceivable size and shape.


Glass is a great choice for beverage packaging because of its endless design possibilities and infinitely recyclable properties. As one of Africa’s leading glass manufacturers, we are able to recycle glass to create beautiful beverage bottles without losing quality or purity in the process. Glass also helps to retain the freshness of the drink. These bottles are sold in an array of sizes, colours and designs. Glass provides the ideal packaging, with endless creative possibilities for eye-catching designs and decorative techniques.


Spirit glass bottles can be manufactured in a variety of creative shapes, sizes and colours, and when textures and embossing techniques are applied, this premium packaging is the perfect showcase for these type of products. Glass is the material of choice for spirit producers and consumers in Africa and across the globe. Our glass bottles are filled with world-famous whiskies, vodkas, gins, cocktails and liqueurs. We have created award-winning glass packaging for many international brands making Ardagh a significant supplier to the industry.


With our innovative processes, we offer more options and flexibility than ever before. Straight from the wine lovers’ lips, glass is the preferred packaging material. Wine bottled in glass stays tasting exquisite, and indeed, many bottled wines improve with age. Glass bottles also allow brands to create a point of difference for themselves, through colour, shape and innovation.


Glass packaging is perfect for pharmaceuticals due to its ability to be sterilised easily, being resistant to temperatures and non-reactive to chemicals. In an industry where protection and safety are paramount, glass packaging solutions provide an excellent option. When product protection and safety are of the utmost importance, an inert material such as glass is the ideal packaging option. Glass packaging safeguards contents from oxygen ingress and cross-contamination, providing the ultimate protection.

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