At Ardagh Glass Packaging – Africa, we’re not just making glass containers, we’re creating the future of glass packaging. Our wide range of innovations and product enhancement services are a testament to the innovative approach we embrace, as well as the functionality and versatility of glass.

From innovations in complex bottle shapes, to embossing and debossing techniques, to breakthroughs in lightweighting, we are constantly pioneering new ways to ensure world-class quality, innovation and sustainability. We offer technology, expertise, innovation, a vast geographical spread and full end-to-end supply chain service, informed by decades of glass container manufacturing experience.

Diversity and versatility

Glass offers great diversity in terms of visual and tactile enhancements to differentiate premium products from competitors and increase shelf appeal. Our approach to manufacturing is one of innovation and collaboration, working side by side with our customers to create a product that fits their needs perfectly and exceeds their expectations in beauty, function and quality.

Our collaborative marketing options, product innovations and process enhancements, including embossing and debossing, push-ups, pressure-sensitive labels, applied ceramic labelling, UV decorating, coatings, forehearth colouring and lightweighting, make our glass packaging the most impactful, beautiful and versatile option for top-quality products.

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