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Ardagh Glass Packaging – Europe is part of Ardagh Group, a global leader in glass and metal packaging with 33 glass production facilities, which produce award-winning, sustainable glass bottles and jars for the world’s leading brands.

Ardagh is the only producer of glass packaging in the Nordic regions. Based in Holmegaard in Denmark and Limmared in Sweden, we are well-situated to offer various glass packaging solutions to customers throughout the Nordic region.

How we make glass bottles and jars

Ardagh Glass Packaging produces some of the world’s most iconic and sustainable glass bottles and jars. Our short video gives you an exclusive peek inside our fascinating processes at some of our glass production facilities. It will show you how our state-of-the-art technology creates the most beautiful glass containers, ready to be filled by our customers. Join us as we take you from raw materials to the finished article in just over one minute.

Glass bottles and jars – All segments, colours and sizes

We pride ourselves on the high quality of our distinctive and innovative glass packaging and offer glass bottles and jars for food, non-alcoholic beverages, wine, beer and spirits, which come in all shapes and sizes.

Glass bottles

We have a variety of standard bottles for you to choose from in flint, amber and green glass, from 200ml to 1750ml. We deliver glass bottles to the majority of the Nordic region’s beverage producers due to our outstanding customer service.

Glass jars

Our flint glass jars range from 65ml to 1300ml and are available in a variety of different shapes. The Nordic region’s most popular food brands are packaged in our glass jars due to their high quality.

View our product catalogue to see how we can package your product, adding value to your brand.

Bottles and jars designed with a difference

Our designers have many years of experience creating unique, eye-catching bottles and jars that will make your brand stand out on retail shelves.

Our latest Embossing and Powder Coating techniques can create a premium look through high definition and unique textures in the glass.

We can also enhance the quality of your brand through cutting edge decoration techniques

Why do our customers stay with us?

Customer service is the cornerstone of Ardagh’s reputation for quality. Our customers stay with us because we consistently deliver high quality products all over the Nordic region.

Our dedicated Customer Service Teams in Holmegaard and Limmared make sure that, once delivered, our glass containers run seamlessly through the filling process.

Talk to us today about how our glass packaging can work for you.

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