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Future is brighter

A huge focus of our sustainability strategy is to minimise negative environmental impact whilst remaining economically sustainable and socially responsible.

Using LED lights for business makes sense both financially and environmentally and four AGP facilities in North America achieved their goal to improve lighting levels sustainably by switching to energy efficient LED fixtures.

The new fixtures contribute, not only to better housekeeping and safety but also to improvements in inspection, production and quality. In addition, they also use less electricity thereby conserving natural resources and reducing the impact on the environment.

The new LED fixtures consume 20-30% of the total energy of the old fixtures and with added occupancy controls, the new lights automatically switch off when not in use. Thanks to the collaboration of our utility suppliers and lighting contractors, the future of these four AGP - North America facilities is brighter. Find out about Ardagh’s solar powered glass production facility in Bridgeton here.

Read more about our sustainability initiatives in our 2021 Sustainability Report here.

Acquisition of Consol Glass Completed

$1 billion Acquisition of Consol Glass Completed

Ardagh Group (“Ardagh”) is pleased to announce that its acquisition of Consol Holdings Proprietary Limited (“Consol”), the leading producer of glass packaging on the African continen...

29 Apr 2022

Ardagh supplies beer bottles to KC Bier

Ardagh Glass Packaging partners with Kansas City Bier Company to supply all the brewery’s glass beer bottles

Ardagh Glass Packaging – North America (AGP – North America), a business of Ardagh Group, has partnered with Kansas City Bier Company to supply all the brewery’s glass beer bottles. Th...

26 Apr 2022

Ardagh Group Q1 '22 Results Notification

Ardagh Group S.A. Q1 2022 Results and Investor Call Notification

Ardagh Group S.A. will host its First Quarter 2022 earnings call on Thursday, April 28, 2022. A results release will be posted to our website at midday BST (07:00 EST) on April 28, 2022, at:...

14 Apr 2022

Education on recycling at school

Education on recycling at school

In 2019, local school children visited our Ardagh Glass Packaging Doncaster, UK facility. The children discovered how we transform recycled glass into new containers and they were inspired t...

13 Apr 2022