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A leader in the Americas

Ardagh is at the forefront of aluminum beverage packaging, with 11 production facilities throughout the Americas. We offer the latest innovations across such areas as decoration, label graphics, end design, and more.

Aluminum beverage packaging offers versatility and unlimited design opportunities, is unbreakable, impermeable and its tamper-proof qualities deliver true package safety.

The beverage can also shields against sunlight, providing impeccable ingredient protection assuring desired taste profiles.

Metal's unique and proven product protection qualities are outstanding. And aluminum is infinitely recyclable, serving as a model for environmental excellence and a circular economy.

Beverage cans

Strengths across package variety, the environment and customer business

Ardagh Group provides a wide range of beverage cans in many shapes and sizes to some of the most recognizable brands in the world, serving such beverage categories as sparkling water, soft drinks, beer, wine, flavored malt beverages, energy drinks and teas. Our beverage cans are available in a range of sizes from 8 oz. Sleek™ to 24 oz., offering a wide variety of options to ideally represent customer brands.

And our dedicated Research & Development team consistently work with customers to create innovations across shapes, label and tab designs, colors and functionality that enable brands to attract attention on store shelves. Ardagh’s focus on customer satisfaction builds on the environmental strengths of the beverage can, which are marked by high recycle rate and content numbers, and clear business advantages which include the can’s ideal filling, distribution and retail display economics.

Metal offers infinite design opportunities like no other material

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