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Ardagh Glass Packaging - Europe's education on recycling at school

Published: April 13, 2022

In 2019, local school children visited our Ardagh Glass Packaging Doncaster, UK facility. The children discovered how we transform recycled glass into new containers and they were inspired to recycle their own glass bottles and jars.

Our Doncaster team collaborated with glass collection company, URM UK Ltd, to place two mixed glass bottle banks on the local school’s grounds. Recycling is now part of the routine at the school.

Prior to the banks being installed, local families reported they didn’t have easy access to glass recycling and were disposing of their empty glass containers in the general waste. A few months after the recycling banks were installed, URM collected their contents which had a combined uplift of 1.12 tonnes of glass, equating to a saving of 650 tonnes of CO₂.

Local families are now recycling their glass containers at the school recycle banks, which divert more than a tonne of glass from landfill.

Read more about this and our other sustainability initiatives such as Ardagh Young Creatives in our 2021 Sustainability Report here.

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