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Launch of $2.65 billion Green Bond Offering

Published: February 24, 2021

Ardagh Group (“Ardagh”) (NYSE:ARD) announces that Ardagh Metal Packaging S.A. (“AMP” or the “Company”) has today, through its wholly-owned subsidiaries, Ardagh Metal Packaging Finance plc and Ardagh Metal Packaging Finance USA LLC, launched a bond financing of approximately $2.65 billion equivalent, through the issue of (i) $600 million US Dollar Senior Secured Notes due 2028, (ii) $550 million equivalent Euro Senior Secured Notes due 2028 (iii) $1,000 million Senior Notes due 2029 and (iv) $500 million equivalent Euro Senior Notes due 2029, (collectively the “Notes”).

The offering follows Ardagh’s announcement on February 23, 2021 of the proposed combination of its metal packaging business with Gores Holdings V Inc, (NASDAQ:GRSV, GRSVU and GRSVW), under which Gores Holdings V will combine, subject to a shareholder vote, with Ardagh’s beverage can business, that will be held by AMP. AMP intends to apply to list its shares on the New York Stock Exchange, under the new ticker symbol “AMBP”.

AMP is a leading global supplier of sustainable beverage cans and is the second-largest producer in Europe and the third-largest in North America and Brazil. The Company believes that strong demand in traditional and new beverage categories, coupled with environmentally conscious end consumers, are driving an inflection point in beverage can demand and that it is well positioned to capitalize on these multifaceted growth opportunities. AMP has a highly attractive sustainability profile, and the Notes will be issued in accordance with Ardagh’s Green Financing framework.

Gross proceeds of the Notes will be held in escrow until the entities currently conducting the metal packaging business within Ardagh transfer to become wholly-owned subsidiaries of AMP, and AMP and its subsidiaries will be released from their obligations under existing Ardagh notes. Proceeds, net of expenses, will then be used to pay $2,315 million equivalent to Ardagh in part consideration for this transfer.

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