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Super-sustainable Life Water in cans

Published: September 23, 2019

All-British beverage company Life Water has introduced a sparkling version of its natural spring water in a can, bringing a refreshing new zero-plastic option for environmentally conscious water drinkers. Life Water, who promote sustainability through everything they do, launched their still British spring water product in 2018 in a statement matte silver aluminium can. The company has chosen to create a stunning contrast for the new sparkling version: a unique matte black can, with a black Coloured Shell and Tab. The matte black and silver Life Water cans combine as a pair to create a head-turning ‘raw’ appearance: a gorgeous aesthetic which is proving central to the company’s rapidly growing #ZeroPlasticSolution marketing campaign.

An increasing number of consumers are shunning plastic bottles for their on-the-go hydration, and these customers want reassurance that they’re making a sustainable choice. In response, Life Water cans make the company’s green credentials clear, putting their commitment to sustainability front and centre throughout the product packaging. As a permanent material that can be infinitely recycled, and with the highest recycling rate of any drink packaging on the market, aluminium is the natural packaging choice for a clean, pure drink like British spring water. The Life Water cans bring this to the fore by stating ‘Cans Recycle Forever’ in bold, stamp-effect lettering, as well as reminding us ‘There’s No Planet B’. The overall effect of the design is a no-fuss, no-waste, highly Instagrammable look for both the still and sparkling products.

Widely available for retail purchase in multiple venues and online, the cans also starred at this year’s Glastonbury Festival, whose organisers banned single-use plastic bottles from sale across the entire festival site, reflecting the wishes of attendees. As over 1m plastic bottles were sold typically at Glastonbury, replacing the bottled water on sale with Life Water’s 100% recyclable aluminium cans have massively reduced the environmental impact of the world’s largest greenfield music and performing arts festival.

Life Water is an all-British product: the beverage is produced in the UK from local natural spring sources, filled on the company’s own filling line in the UK, and the package is British designed. The product won Best Water Drink at the World Beverage Innovation Awards 2018, and achieved Finalist for Best Can. The company’s complete commitment to sustainability extends to funding clean water projects around the world through their charity partner drop4drop. Every Life Water can sold helps fund clean water projects across the globe.

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