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Building for the future

Published: August 16, 2019

Building for the future

Sustainability and building for the future are very important at Ardagh. We aim to minimise negative environmental impact whilst remaining economically sustainable and socially responsible. Our team in Deventer, the Netherlands participated in the Dutch Green Building Council’s Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM). BREEAM is an assessment method to determine the sustainability performance of a building. One of the warehouses on our Deventer site was selected for renovation and expansion. The goals of the renovation project included to:

  • Ensure the warehouse is virtually energy neutral
  • Fully automate the warehouse
  • Gain BREEAM-NL certification with a 4-Star (excellent) rating

The new Deventer BREEAM standard warehouse now stands at approximately 7,500m2 in size. It has 1,820 490kWp solar panels on the roof providing energy to power 500,000kWh per annum. Not only did we achieve our goals above, the following environmentally friendly solutions have been implemented:

  • Energy-efficient LED lighting throughout including a system for the monitoring of energy usage
  • Water conservation
  • Improved pedestrian and cycling facilities thereby reducing the use of motorised vehicles around the site

Thanks to the Dutch BREEAM standards, we have now achieved another milestone along our sustainability journey.

For a detailed Dutch report on our BREEAM project, click here

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