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Ardagh and Glenfiddich nod to heritage

Published: August 23, 2019

The new Glenfiddich bottle has been designed to emphasise the brand’s special provenance and unique heritage, taking cues from its origins in the Valley of the Deer. The triangular bottle design includes a dramatic ‘V’ shape cut into the glass, framing the brand’s stag logo, plus shoulder embossing and new red tab neck labelling.

Ardagh Group’s Design Team worked closely with Production, using their creativity to adapt the triangular bottle, designed by Here Design, to work flawlessly on production and filling lines, while delivering William Grant & Sons’ vision for the distinctive new bottle.

The moulds were manufactured from an upgraded material to achieve the desired definition in every bottle. Tiny modifications were made around the V-shaped ‘Valley’ on the face of the bottle, to ensure a more premium glass finish.

The neck design’s bulbous surface was adapted to a tapered, conical platform for the new tab label to sit on.The design has a sharper, triangular shape but by contouring the edges, it still acts like a round bottle for ease of handling and efficiency on production lines. Two contact points were also created in the foot and shoulder to give stability on the high-speed filling lines.

The redesign provides a fresh and distinctive new look, creates standout and is designed to appeal to existing Glenfiddich drinkers, whilst also attracting those around the world who are new to the brand and category.

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