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ASI welcomes Ardagh Group

Published: May 29, 2020

Ardagh is proud to be welcomed as a member of the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI). The ASI is a multi-stakeholder initiative that promotes measurable and continual improvements in the key environmental, social and governance impacts of aluminium production, use and recycling.

Initiatives such as ASI are more important than ever for Ardagh’s customers, stakeholders and indeed the end-consumer, who seek assurance that companies’ sustainability practices are responsible and transparent.

Environmental performance as part of an overall sustainability strategy is a key focus for Ardagh, which established a Board Sustainability Committee last year to better coordinate its global sustainability work, to accelerate sustainability programmes and to increase responsiveness.

Ardagh’s vision is to be the preferred packaging partner to the world’s leading brands, supplying sustainable and infinitely recyclable metal and glass solutions. Sustainability is at the core of Ardagh’s activities and is defined by Ardagh as not only delivering a reduced environmental impact but also achieving sound economic performance while making a positive social contribution.

“Ardagh is honoured to be a member of ASI as it enables our team to participate in multi-stakeholder dialogue on responsible aluminium sourcing. Our membership of ASI underlines our commitment to responsible environmental management,” said John Sadlier, Chief Sustainability Officer, Ardagh Group.

Ardagh’s membership of ASI underlines the importance of our U.N. Sustainable Development Goals, especially with regard to RESPONSIBLE CONSUMPTION AND PRODUCTION along with PARTNERSHIPS FOR THE GOALS.

For more information on ASI and our membership, please click here.

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