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Ardagh's goal is to attract and retain the most talented individuals for the right jobs, who can put their skills and experience to use immediately and who can be trained and developed in many instances as part of a long-term strategy.

Ardagh Group is a unique business and a career within the organisation will be both challenging and rewarding for the right candidate. As a constantly evolving company there are opportunities across all functions and disciplines and in many countries across the globe.


Our Values

At the heart of what we do are our Core Values of Trust, Teamwork and Excellence. They provide purpose and a framework for decision making, help define our unique business culture and act as a guide for interaction with others. These guiding principles are woven into the fabric of our business across the globe and support our 'one brandone vision' philosophy that guides the continuous development of Ardagh Group.



The will and ability to work with others in a way that creates an open and honest environment

By building awareness of each other's strengths and abilities and building a listening culture. Trust is earned by the way we behave towards each other.



Through personal behaviours engage individuals to operate as effective teams

Teamwork makes us better at what we do, and improves how we do it. It is about collaborating and sharing responsibility to support business objectives.



Constantly striving to improve ourselves and the business

Opportunities for personal development and involvement in business improvement projects are at the heart of achieving excellence. Those who strive for excellence within our company can create opportunities to further their careers.


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Rewarding Careers

Ardagh currently employs more than 20,000 people across 24 countries, working in diverse roles across the business delivering our vision, values and commitment to innovation.

We recognise that employees are seeking rewarding careers. In support of this, we identify opportunities for progression within the business through succession planning and career development paths.

These opportunities are multiplying in line with our growth and ultimately we hope to help people discover their true potential through Training and Development programmes.


Discovering Potential

Ardagh's strategy is to see people reach their full potential. A key element of this strategy is to have a sustainable workforce that grows with the business and is constantly striving to remain at the forefront of their specialisation. Our focus is to create programmes, including: International Traineeship, Leadership and Management Development, and Technical Training initiatives.


International Traineeship

If you have global ambition, we're always looking for adventurous, proactive, ambitious and dynamic employees.

To be a successful business we need to constantly evolve, through continual improvement, innovation, and by seeking ‘new' ways of doing ‘old' things. That is why we invest in an International Management Trainee Programme. If you're a fresh-thinker who thrives on change with the desire to lead and manage others, find out more about how this opportunity could be right for you by clicking the link below.


Leadership Development

Ardagh has partnered with the prestigious Leadership Trust to develop a series of programmes that build the experience of employees through experiential training. Understanding yourself and others is a key element and allows each individual to develop their own unique leadership style.


Management Development

We recognise that good managers are essential to our success. An effective manager is inspiring and creates an environment where staff are engaged and committed.

Experienced professionals teach the tools and techniques of management so employees have the opportunity to learn from those who practise these skills every day.


Technical Training

To lead in industry, Ardagh needs people who can ensure we operate effectively and efficiently. Ardagh provides opportunities to develop these specialist skills within our business.

Using classroom training, e-learning, specialist training and virtual classrooms we are constantly evolving our learning and delivery approach.


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