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Innovation is at the heart
of everything we do

Packaging innovation

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do, from development and design to raw material reduction and energy efficiency. Ardagh is committed to pioneering new packaging products and manufacturing processes. Together with significant investment in research and development, this is how we maintain our leading global position.

Ardagh’s investment in Research and Development is delivering results, particularly for our customers. Our wealth of knowledge, together with our expertise, has allowed us to explore exciting possibilities in design, shapes and textures. This has led to the creation of new consumer experiences and achieved high acclaim for our customers’ brands.

Today, glass containers are 40% lighter than
they were 20 years ago


Ensuring effective and
efficient operations

Process Innovation

We continue to succeed in process innovation by focussing closely on three areas: lightweighting, down-gauging and operational excellence. Our aim is always to create efficiencies, as part of our own production processes and those of our customers.

Take, for instance, the bottles we produce for Coca Cola, which are now 50g lighter than they were in 2005 and yet we have managed to retain all of the bottle’s trademark dimensions, characteristics and strength.

We also continue to refine metal packaging production methods, in order to down-gauge the material; making it thinner and lighter and therefore using less raw materials. With advanced analytical software, such as FEA (Finite Element Analysis), we can now model new container designs based on optimum weights, before production begins.


The thinnest part of a can wall is thinner
than a human hair


Global recognition across
our business

Awarding Success

Our ongoing commitment to innovation has provided global recognition for Ardagh Group and to our customers and their products. We have won over 100 international awards, granted over 50 worldwide Patents and over 100 Intellectual Property rights.

This recognition ranges from product innovation and design to process innovation involving raw material reduction, energy saving initiatives and operational excellence across our facilities worldwide. Our latest awards stories are below.


Alufoil Trophy win for Ardagh

13 Apr 2016

‘Inspirational’ award winning bottle design

2 Dec 2015

Gold at 'Can of the Year Awards'

19 Nov 2015

Multiple Awards for Harrogate Water

25 Sep 2015

International Resource Recovery Awards

8 Sep 2015

Glass Recycling Success Awarded

28 Jul 2015

Ardagh presented Environmental Award

21 Apr 2015

Honest Tea wins Packaging Award

19 Dec 2014

Ardagh Group wins Clear Choice Awards

7 Nov 2014

Five ENERGY STAR® Plant Certifications

10 Oct 2014

Ardagh recognised for world class market

4 Jun 2014

Triple Success in Worldstar Awards

29 Jan 2014

A trio of wins at the UK Packaging Award

4 Dec 2013

Recognition for packaging innovation

14 Oct 2013

Starpack Award for Absolut Unique

12 Aug 2013

Paint cans awarded 'Widely Recycled' Status

16 May 2013

Quartet of successes for Ardagh Group

30 Jan 2013

Two trophies at 2012 Cans of the Year

9 Oct 2012

2012 Starpack Award for Coca Cola

18 Jul 2012

Major Award for Energy Efficiency

29 May 2012

iF Packaging Awards in Glass and Metal

12 Mar 2012

Four trophies at 2011 Cans of the Year

13 Oct 2011

Five Packaging Awards at Interpack

20 May 2011

Ardagh gains prestigious 2011 awards

7 Apr 2011

Worldstars for PowerClick® & KlickSafe®

17 Feb 2011

UK Packaging News Awards toast Beer Keg

3 Nov 2010