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A global leader in packaging solutions

We employ people who recognise the importance of delivering quality products and service and who share our drive for innovation. By challenging and rewarding in equal measures, we are able to attract and retain the most talented individuals in the business. As a constantly evolving company, opportunities arise across all functions and areas of the business, in many countries across the globe.


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Our culture

At Ardagh Group we strongly believe that the success of our business depends on the success of our people. We strive to create working environments where our employees feel valued, can work to their full potential and where their achievements are celebrated. We are creating an exciting future for Ardagh that is built on our core values of Trust, Teamwork and Excellence. We believe it is these values will bring great success to our company and our employees.

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More generally, we recognise that our employees hold commitments away from the workplace so we aim to ensure our workforce can effectively balance home life with their careers. We also intend to attract a diverse employee base with a wide variety of experience, qualifications, background and individual characteristics.



Discovering potential

Training and development programmes

From technical training to professional education and leadership development, Ardagh Group offer training and development to all employees. Our strategy is to help people reach their full potential so we can ensure our workforce is sustainable to grow with our business.

“We are committed to attracting and retaining the most talented individuals and to the provision of challenging and rewarding careers. This is realised through our programme of personal and professional development”. John Vissers, Chief Human Resources Officer

Ardagh partner with leading external suppliers to develop a series of programmes ranging from strategic leadership development, management training including mentoring and teambuilding and technical training including Lean Six Sigma.

“The Ardagh leadership training was extremely helpful for me in developing my own leadership style in balance with my personality. We learned about how we are perceived as leaders and also how to adjust our leadership styles depending on the situation”. Annelene Fisser, Group Sustainability


Developing talent
for the future

International Management Trainee Programme

Now in its third year, the Ardagh Group International Management Trainee Programme is a unique opportunity for fresh-thinkers with the desire to lead and manage others.

Our trainees spend 24 months working in both our Glass and Metal divisions, in various departments and business functions across numerous different countries. This Programme is a once in a lifetime opportunity to gain international experience and develop a broad range of skills while working for a global company.

“The International Management Trainee Programme offers candidates a great opportunity to develop within a Company that supports ambitious and flexible people. In a short period of time, I was exposed to both the Glass and Metal businesses, visited numerous facilities and worked on a global project that involved extensive travel”. James Byrne, 2012 Management Trainee now working with Group Procurement