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SKYE Energy ‘Feels the Victory’ with Ardagh’s Graphics team

Beverage brand SKYE Energy is blazing into international markets with a new set of stunning cans that will give consumers a mood-boosting buzz even before they open the pack. The vibrant red, orange and dark red printed can body, with electric blue-glow highlights, delivers a dramatic visual jolt that anticipates the uplift and excitement of the drink itself. In format variety of 500ml standard, 330ml sleek, 150ml slim and a 250ml slim can with special gold tone effect, the updated SKYE Energy cans embody and amplify the brand’s slogan ‘Feel the Victory’.

To meet the challenge of achieving visual excitement to match the exhilarating blue drink inside, SKYE Energy turned to Ardagh’s highly skilled Graphics team, bringing them the ambitious vision of a dynamic, multi-screened print with perfect contrast and colour fidelity. Alexis Stavrianos, General Manager of SKYE Energy, says: “We worked very closely with Ardagh’s Graphics team to finalise specific elements of the updated SKYE Energy cans. They made it easy to work through the challenges, meaning the end-to-end process was completed very fast, without any delay.”

The tricky graphics necessitated the print of an orange, a red and a dark red colour in a very tight alignment, demanding the utmost precision in setting up the printing decorator. When printed so closely – and in multiple interweaving colours, like an embroidery – different inks can pick up particles of neighbouring colours, so the Graphics team had to exactly calibrate the feather-like print pressures and optimum ink flows to ensure each colour was kept crisp and separate.

The result is a vivacious layered design that showcases just what an expert Graphics team can achieve in collaboration with customers who have a vision. Ardagh has local Graphics capability across the UK, Germany, France, Poland, and Benelux, meaning its Graphics teams are positioned close to its customers, and speak their local language. “We must say it was a pleasure to work with true professionals,” says Alexis Stavrianos. “Ardagh have great communication between internal teams and demonstrate the brilliant problem-solving qualities of a market-leading company.”

SKYE Energy offers three iterations of its unique energising flavour: Original SKYE Energy, sugar-free SKYE Light, and the innovative SKYE Glo, aimed at the nightlife industry. The brand, from global beverage company C1 Trading, also targets action sports events such as motorsport, football, American football and baseball, but attracts a broad demographic of outgoing consumers looking to extend the buzz of fun experiences. The new packs deliver a drink that looks great in the hand as well as tasting fantastic.

SKYE Energy is filled in Poland by Krynica and is available in 22 global markets including the UK and EU, expanding to Canada in 2020, the U.S. in 2021 and further markets to come.

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