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Schlafly extends beer offerings in cans

St. Louis Brewery, the makers of Schlafly Beer and the largest independent and locally-owned brewer in Missouri, continues to extend its reach across the Midwest and East Coast of the United States with new can offerings. The brewer is now packaging its Schlafly brand beers of Pale Ale, White Lager, IPA and its line of Hop Allocation beers in Ardagh 16 oz. aluminum beverage cans, building on its impressive history of providing craft beer enthusiasts a consistent quality taste experience.

Opening its doors in 1991, the St. Louis Brewery began its operations in an abandoned building of a printing company in downtown St. Louis. Known as the Schlafly Tap Room, the building is now a local historical landmark as well as a brewery and tap room. And, due to local customer enthusiasm, the business has grown to include another production brewery and tap room in Maplewood, Missouri, Schlafly Bottleworks. The company proudly offers over 60 unique styles of beer and regularly packages these products for Schlafly loyalists across the 12 states where the products are distributed.

Wil Rogers, Head of Marketing, Schlafly Beer, says the company’s success is founded on a strict assurance of quality and taste. “We adhere to an intense quality assurance process that ensures a taste experience we think is best-in-class in the craft beer industry,” he says. “And we choose our packaging accordingly, where ingredient integrity and preservation is key to delivering the intended taste experience whether the customer is in St. Louis or New York.”

One of Schlafly’s core principals revolves around sustainability, and beverage cans are recycled at the highest rate of any beverage package. Cans also deliver optimum filling as well as distribution and retail display economics due to the can’s stacking abilities with no space wasted.

Claude Marbach, CEO, Ardagh Metal – North America, says the Ardagh team is proud to support the Schlafly brand in assuring very specific taste profiles. “The biggest issues for beer are light and oxygen,” he says. “Beverage cans provide a complete light barrier which perfectly preserves ingredients and, thus, taste integrity. This integrity extends to the environment as well, as cans fully support a brand’s sustainability objectives.”

Schlafly craft beers are now available at select restaurants, retail establishments and liquor and convenience stores across Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, northern Virginia, Washington, D.C., Maryland, Delaware, New York and New Jersey.

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