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Producto de Aldea embraces Ardagh’s Cans

High quality wine producer and exporter Producto de Aldea has emphatically embraced Ardagh’s Wine Can as it looks to extend its market reach.

The Spanish company has picked the special 250ml Slim Wine Can as the perfect new packaging option for its premium wine drinks and wines previously only available in a classic glass bottle. In fact, the company is so impressed with the many benefits of Ardagh’s Wine Can that it has bought its own filling line.

This major investment in equipment, with the ability to fill 1,600 cans per hour, reflects the company’s recognition that the Wine Can offers an exciting opportunity for business growth. After a short delay due to Covid-19 restrictions on technicians’ travel, the line began operating in mid-July.

The first two Producto de Aldea canned wine drinks to roll off the line will be an organic white wine-based sangria, Chisposa (5.5% ABV), and an alcohol-free sparkling white wine drink carrying the company’s core brand Aldea. Further labels are in development and will be added over the coming months, as the company builds on the positive commitment it has made to Wine Cans.

Ardagh’s innovative Wine Can features unique characteristics developed to conserve wine taste and quality throughout the filling, transportation and storage lifespan. The elegant 250ml Slim format is particularly suitable for casual dining and socialising, whether on-the-go outdoors, or with a restaurant meal.

Producto de Aldea’s key markets include younger and single-person households, especially those in premium export areas such as Asia and Sweden, where consumers place high value on guaranteed quality and convenience. The company is also targeting the international hotel, restaurant and café (known as HoReCa) market, recognising that cans are particularly appealing to the on-trade as they are quickly chilled, have excellent shelf life, and reduce the potential for wastage of larger formats.

Dirk Schwung, Sales Director at Ardagh Group’s European Metal Beverage business unit, said: “The Wine Can is our response to the demand for convenient, lightweight and sustainable packaging that also provides protection for sensitive beverages like wine, and we’re proud to see Producto de Aldea embrace it so fully.”

Manuel Gil, CEO and winemaker at Producto de Aldea, confirms: “We were looking for a new packaging format to satisfy our customers’ diversifying tastes and habits. We also appreciate the great service and support Ardagh provides its customers, so committing to the Slim special can from Ardagh was the ideal solution.”

As well as the on-trade, Producto de Aldea is aiming to achieve distribution in higher-end Spanish supermarkets such as El Corte Inglés, and Froiz in Galicia.

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