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New technologies at Ardagh Group’s 3D design studio

The speed of improvement and sophistication in digital design is such that no service can afford to stand still for any length of time. 3D visualisation for metal packaging artwork is no exception, and when Ardagh Group launched its “state of the art” 3D Studio to customers in 2016, the focus remained on continued innovation.

We are now pleased to launch new and enhanced capabilities for customers of Food & Speciality, Ardagh Metal Europe, including new technologies, a greater packaging portfolio and improved user experience.

Martin de Olde, Marketing & Business Development Manager at Ardagh’s Food & Speciality business unit explains: “First and foremost, as one of the world’s major packaging companies handling thousands of artwork projects at our graphic studios, Ardagh understands that time to market is essential. With the enhanced studio, customers can easily visualize their artwork at the very early stage of the packaging development as a 3D model within minutes.”

“We have built up a huge design library of different metal packaging formats, from food cans to aerosols, kegs, Easy Peel lids and Easy Open lids to enable our customers to launch and develop their brands. Ardagh Group’s commitment to innovation and customer service has seen us add many more 3D formats to the studio, create different upload tools and provide user-friendly online sharing processes.”

“This 3D studio was created in cooperation with our software partner WebPac, which offers cloud-based technology, improved features and greater speed and flexibility. 3D modelling is a powerful tool in the marketing decision-making process with potentially significant savings on launch timelines, and Ardagh Group’s new 3D Studio is truly at the cutting edge of packaging design technology,” adds De Olde.

Metal Food & Specialty to form Trivium Packaging

Food & Specialty Metal Packaging to Combine with Exal to form Trivium Packaging (“Trivium”)

Luxembourg (July 15, 2019) – Ardagh Group (“Ardagh”) announces today that it has entered into an agreement to combine its Food & Specialty Metal Packaging business (“Food & S...

15 Jul 2019

Oliver Winery supplied by Ardagh

Oliver Winery Announces Agreement with Ardagh Group

Ardagh Group, Glass – North America, a division of Ardagh Group and the largest domestic manufacturer of glass bottles for the U.S. wine market, announced a long-term supply agreement with...

11 Jul 2019

Fizzy coffee in a can

Fizzy coffee in a can

With the help of Ardagh Group’s sustainable beverage cans, Cafeahaus AG has launched Goldbrew, the ready-to-drink (RTD), cold-brewed coffee range in cans in the German market. Their flavou...

8 Jul 2019

New 187ml wine can is Europe first

Tailor-made 187ml wine can is Europe first

In a Europe first for beverage packaging, Ardagh Group is introducing a new slimline 187ml can specifically designed to present and protect wine and wine-based drinks. With its special desig...

1 Jul 2019