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MALUMA® launches canned wellbeing

Innovative German beverage creator Black Labels Company (BLC) have launched MALUMA®, the first collagen protein drinks in Ardagh Group cans. Appealing to health-conscious consumers looking for a delicious drink that also provides a boost of nutrients, the MALUMA® range is presented in Ardagh’s slim 250ml can with a light, bright and contemporary matte aesthetic which reflects the ‘clean-living’ image of the brand. The packaging choice of a can represents an innovation for BLC, bringing a novel element of convenience and sustainability to the concept of wellness drinks and follows the trend of new beverage categories opting to launch in cans.

MALUMA® comes onto the market at a time of growing demand for innovative health-focused beverages, as more soft-drink consumers are making choices with health and beauty in mind (GlobalData 2019). Its specific blend of nutrients, including B-vitamins and a high level of protein, support the body’s natural production of collagen according to BLC, which is essential for skin health and elasticity. The drinks are low in calories and free of artificial flavours and preservatives, supporting the strapline invitation to ‘Feel Good’.

The range comes in three enticing flavours based on fresh, natural ingredients, each distinguished by an attractive pure colour on the can body. Goji with strawberry and basil flavour comes in sky blue; açaí with guava and ginger is a deep pink; while passion fruit with lemongrass is golden yellow. The whole look is given a stunning modern lift with Ardagh’s eye-catching ‘Matte Impact’ finish.

Rolf Fritsch, CEO of Black Labels Company, explains the thinking behind the new BLC brand: “We are always looking to create new beverage specialties of the highest quality at the best price. MALUMA® is our innovation in response to a demand for feel-good, natural drinks that not only have nutrients to support the skin, metabolism and immune system, but are also convenient to buy and drink on-the-go and look great in the hand.”

Highlighting the synergy between MALUMA® and the fully recyclable aluminium can, Dirk Schwung, Sales Director at Ardagh Group’s European Metal Beverage business unit, says: “There’s a growing demographic of consumers who will be excited by a feel-good, healthy drink like MALUMA®. They are also keen to make ‘clean’ lifestyle choices, meaning the can is an ideal choice for BLC’s new brand due to being part of a circular economy.”

The collagen protein drinks from MALUMA® will be available in all ALDI SÜD branches, under the supermarket’s WHAT'S NEXT promotion for start-ups and companies with innovative ideas.

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