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Huss Brewery Launches New Beers in Ardagh Cans

Huss Brewing Company, led by the husband and wife team of Jeff and Leah Huss and based in Arizona, is leveraging more than 25 years of craft beer experience to launch a new set of products packaged in environmentally-friendly aluminum beverage cans.

Recent additions to the Huss Brewery slate of craft beer offerings include Koffee Kolsch, a light-colored coffee beer targeting consumers who want all the pleasure of iced coffee with a kick. And, from the acquisition of the locally renowned Papago beer brand, Papago Orange Blossom, a light wheat ale that starts with hints of bright citrus and ends with a creamy vanilla finish.

These products and Huss’ entire line of craft beer, which includes such local stalwarts as Scottsdale Blonde, Magic in the Ivy Pale Ale and The Husstler America Lager are packaged in Ardagh 12 oz. beverage cans, benefitting from the inherent benefits of aluminum. These advantages include protection from light, retaining the highest standards of ingredient integrity, as well as enjoying the best in sustainability as beverage cans are recycled at more than double the rate of any other beverage package.

The brewery’s offerings are also available at comfortable taprooms in Tempe and Phoenix where more than 20 Huss offerings are available by the glass, where guests can order from a eclectic noshing menu, bring their own food or order in from local establishments.

Leah Huss, co-owner of Huss Brewery, says the Huss team is excited to continue to build its presence in Tempe and Phoenix, and is now looking beyond these strong markets to satisfy the rest of the state. "We want to bring our unique and satisfying craft beers to the masses and be the most sought after beer brand in Arizona,” Leah says. “And lightweight cans enable us to ship efficiently across the region, while retaining very specific and satisfying taste profiles.”

Claude Marbach, CEO, Ardagh Metal, North America, says Huss Brewery is a great example of the company's focus on providing growing brands a packaging option that helps extend their reach. "We're very pleased to partner with the Huss team to support their efforts to build their brand and business,” he said. “We remain excited about the further growth potential of craft beer as more variety is brought to retail and beverage cans are chosen as a means to efficiently reach new markets."

Huss Brewing craft beers are currently available in company-owned taprooms in Phoenix and Tempe, as well as Whole Foods, Albertson’s and a number of other well-respected food and beverage establishments across the region.

About Huss Brewery

Huss Brewery was founded inTempe, Arizona, by Jeff and Leah Huss. Between the duo, they have more than 25 years of craft beer experience, bringing a love and passion for American craft beer and its culture to the great state of Arizona. For further information, please visit,

About Ardagh

Ardagh Group is a global leader in metal and glass packaging solutions, producing packaging for most of the world's leading food, beverage and consumer care brands. We operate over 100 facilities in 22 countries, employ more than 23,000 people and have global sales of approximately $8.6 billion. For more information, please visit

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