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Health and Energy Captured to Perfection in Ardagh’s Shaped Aluminium Bottle

Wellness beverage innovator Konnekt Smartdrinks choses Ardagh’s 250ml aluminium bottle to expand its range of unique health drinks

The launch of a new category premium health beverage requires standout and sustainable packaging, so leading European health drinks innovator, Konnekt Smartdrinks, chose Ardagh’s shaped aluminium bottles to complete its range of wellness beverages.

The Konnekt Smartdrinks brand has already made a powerful impact on the growing health drinks sector in Europe with its application of the body’s natural energy and amino acid substances to replace sugar, sweeteners and additives. The inclusion of the eye-catching 250ml screw top shaped aluminium bottle for three flavours conveys the brand’s emphasis on innovation, energy and a healthy lifestyle. The simple, yet striking design on the bottles has already been nominated for the 2018 NL Packaging Awards.

Of equal importance to the appeal of the bottle’s shape was its status as a permanent and infinitely recyclable material.

“The shaped aluminium bottle has proved to be the ideal solution for expanding our brand,” said James Russell Reid, founder of Konnekt Smartdrinks. He explained: “Our team has worked hard to create a unique beverage that meets a growing consumer demand to enhance performance, alertness and energy levels through natural ingredients, and the choice of the right packaging was important.”

The aluminium bottles guarantee shelf differentiation and can be bottled on a standard filling line without speeds loss and use standard screw top caps.

The reclosable bottles are manufactured at Ardagh’s specialist aluminium plant in in Beaurepaire, France, where the company’s acclaimed high definition, high resolution printing expertise colourfully captures the essence of the three flavours.

The product is available throughout Europe, the Middle East and India.

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