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Flör Captures the Goodness of Nature in a Sustainable Package

How to deliver the ultimate wellbeing and the pleasurable taste of some of nature’s most naturally occurring wild flowers and plants as a modern beverage for discerning and health conscious consumers?

This was the challenge facing French entrepreneurs Vincent and Franck Chambonnier when they were planning the launch of their new brand, Flör. Their strong belief in the concept of a range of premium health drinks to satisfy the demand from well-travelled consumers for a delicate yet refreshing naturally sourced beverage had to find equally natural and eye catching packaging.

The Chambonnier team worked alongside leading packaging company Ardagh, and they chose a shaped aluminium bottle to provide the clearest yet stunning brand presentation for the first product in the range, Hibiscus. Of equal importance to the appeal of the bottle’s shape was its status as a permanent and infinitely recyclable material.

“The shaped aluminium bottle has proved to be the ideal solution for our new brand,” said Vincent Chambonnier. He explained: “It is appealing to our target audience not only because of the very distinctive design that perfectly illustrates the provenance of our product, but also conveys our commitment to sustainably produced content and packaging.”

Ardagh was also able to offer several commercial advantages in addition to the shelf standout. The product can be bottled on a standard filling line, and use standard screw top caps.

The reclosable bottles are manufactured at Ardagh’s specialist aluminium plant in in Beaurepaire, France. Flör is currently available through specialist grocery and health food stores in France. Plans are in hand to add other flower based flavours to the range, including, Elderflower, Queen of the Wood Jasmin, Cherry Blossom and Wild Pansy.

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