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Cape May delivers craft beer excellence in Ardagh cans

Cape May Brewing Company continues to deliver craft beer excellence and extend its distribution reach from its South Jersey origins to reach consumers across a growing network that includes more than 20 counties in New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware. The company is increasing regional brand loyalty by consistently providing innovation, quality and a variety of product offerings, which now includes four craft beers packaged in Ardagh 12 oz. and 16 oz. beverage cans. These new products are: Always Ready, Cape May IPA, Coastal Evacuation and Cape May White.

Cape May Brewing Company’s CEO Ryan Krill says the company’s new offerings build on a commitment to quality that the company brings to life through utilising the best locally-sourced ingredients to satisfy the most discerning palates. “We’re emerging as a very trusted brand, where our customers know they’ll consistently see new products that meet any occasion,” he said. “We continue to carve out a specific niche in the crowded craft beer market where the highest quality ingredients are the foundation for innovation and variety.”

And the choice to package the company’s growth? “We are increasingly turning to cans as they best preserve our specific taste profiles and keep the beer fresher for longer periods of time,” he said. “We also serve the Jersey shore and cans are allowed on beaches, golf courses, etc. where other pack types are not. The bottom line is cans are lightweight, great for beer quality and are infinitely recyclable.”

Ardagh Metal – Beverage North America CEO Claude Marbach agrees it’s the perfect partnership of brand and package. “We’re proud to work closely with Cape May to assure its craft beer quality and taste objectives are met in our cans as the company builds its brand,” he said. “We’re also excited to support the company’s environmental and sustainability platform as cans provide the highest recycle rate and content numbers, complementing already compelling business reasons to choose cans to package growth and success.”

Cape May Brewing Company products are now available at respected retail outlets across New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware, including Whole Foods, Acme, Drizly, Shoprite and Wegman’s as well as more than 2,000 smaller beer retailers.

Cape May also has a retail taproom located at 1288 Hornet Rd., Cape May, New Jersey, which features its full range of craft beer offerings as well as new product launches such as hard seltzers, fruit-based beers and non-alcoholic options.

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