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Ardagh’s new diamond bottle for Harrogate Water Brands

Ardagh Glass has created a new “Diamond” glass bottle for Harrogate Water Brands, independent owner of Harrogate Spring Water and charity water brand Thirsty Planet, as part of the brand’s new campaign to further reinforce its position as the No.1 premium British spring water.

This contemporary Harrogate Spring Water bottle, unveiled at an industry conference in London’s world-famous Dorchester Hotel, builds on the original award winning embossed sparkle design created by Ardagh when it helped the company to launch its first products in 2002. Ardagh’s designers took an architectural icon as an inspiration for the striking diamond design to reflect the enduring, premium nature of the brand, as well as the high quality of water inside each bottle.

The bottle, inspired by the classic architecture of Harrogate, has been designed to be instantly recognisable with premium appeal. The bottle’s diamonds disperse light to create a fresh, sparkling effect. The elegant bottle is guaranteed to create exceptional stand out on shelf or back of bar, attracting new and existing customers to buy across the range.

A particular feature of the glass bottle is that when filled, the diamond features are enhanced as light refracts to bring the bottle to life and create almost a wave effect. This interesting design feature also, claims Ardagh, represents an effective means of interacting packaging with the consumer, a particular benefit of intricately embossed glass.

Both the new branding and bottle design reflect Harrogate Spring Water’s rich history, being sourced from the original British spa town, Harrogate, which has been providing water since 1571. This lineage is now highlighted on pack along with an image of the Royal Pump Room; enhancing the authenticity of the product and celebrating Harrogate’s role in the development of bottled water in the UK. Sourced in the heart of Yorkshire within a protected conservation area, Harrogate is synonymous with the highest quality, with all the hydration benefits of naturally sourced spring water.

Whilst retaining its iconic colour palette of black, white and silver; the new labels introduce classic typography from Harrogate’s elegant heyday and combine subtle art deco and Middle-Eastern background patterns inspired by the town’s illustrious past. The new branding brings the heritage of Harrogate to life in a contemporary way that will appeal to consumers.

The refreshed, clean design is an evolution of the original bottle and branding, created by Ardagh in 2002, and demonstrates the remarkable changes taking place at the Yorkshire based company. The new Harrogate Spring Water bottle represents the purity and exceptional quality of the water, whilst the labels provide even more premium appeal.

“We’re thrilled with the new designs. They look beautiful, and will certainly provide the ‘wow factor’.”
James Cain, Managing Director of Harrogate Water Brands

Under a sponsorship agreement with the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) the new ‘Diamond Bottles’ will proudly carry the England Cricket logo and ‘Official Water of England Cricket’ copy on all new labels and packaging.

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