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Ardagh Glass Packaging partners with Kansas City Bier Company to supply all the brewery’s glass beer bottles

Ardagh Glass Packaging – North America (AGP – North America), a business of Ardagh Group, has partnered with Kansas City Bier Company to supply all the brewery’s glass beer bottles. The partnership connects Kansas City Bier Company with AGP – North America’s Pevely, Missouri, glass manufacturing facility, helping to keep the brewery’s promise to source local products and incorporate sustainable practices into its operations. Kansas City Bier exclusively packages its beer in 100 percent and endlessly recyclable glass bottles, all manufactured in the U.S., by AGP – North America.

“It is important to us to reduce our impact on the environment where possible,” said Katie Camlin, Digital and Social Media Coordinator at Kansas City Bier Company. “Glass bottles are both reusable and recyclable, and working with Ardagh, a domestic manufacturer, reduces shipping distances greatly.”

In 2021, Kansas City Bier filled more than 2.6 million glass beer bottles, supplying fresh, local, German-style lagers and ales throughout Missouri and Kansas.

“Ardagh Glass Packaging enjoys partnering with craft brewers like Kansas City Bier that have a passion for glass bottles and sustainable practices,” said Clint Gawart, Vice President, Beer & Beverage for AGP – North America. “We’ve supplied the brewery for the past four years and are elated they continue to package all of their products in 12oz glass bottles designed and manufactured by Ardagh.”

Equally important as packaging the brewery’s beer in sustainable glass bottles is the ability to endlessly recycle those bottles, turning them into new bottles. Through the brewery’s partnership with Ripple Glass, a glass recycling provider for the Kansas City area and mid-America region, the glass bottles are recycled into new bottles without any loss in quality or purity. Last year, Kansas City Bier diverted 25,515 pounds, or 12.75 tons, from the landfill by recycling glass bottles in the famous purple bins provided by Ripple Glass.

Recycling plays a key role in both AGP – North America’s and Kansas City Bier’s sustainability initiatives. Recycling glass containers not only keeps glass out of the landfills while giving it the new life it deserves, but it has significant environmental benefits by saving raw materials, lessening demand for energy and cutting CO2 emissions. Glass recycling is a great way to close the loop, protect the environment and support area businesses.

Throughout 2022, Ardagh Glass Packaging will celebrate the United Nations International Year of Glass (IYOG), commemorating the essential role of glass packaging in a sustainable society. In this IYOG, AGP – North America is focused on celebrating customers like Kansas City Bier and its use of sustainable, recyclable glass beer bottles, to celebrate the important role of glass packaging in today’s world.

To view Ardagh’s extensive glass beer bottle stock portfolio, which offers a variety of colors, sizes, styles and finishes all made in the U.S., visit

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