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Ardagh Glass Packaging and Belvoir Farm collaborate on glass bottle for launch of new drinks range

Ardagh Glass Packaging – Europe (AGP - Europe) has collaborated with B&B Studio and Belvoir Farm to create a new glass bottle design for Belvoir Farm’s new range of sophisticated, non-alcoholic Botanical Sodas.

The new design is a fully recyclable 500ml flint glass bottle that contains 45% recycled glass and has a reduced weight of just 380g. Its tall, slender profile features a short neck that curves into the tall, slender bottle profile, creating a retro shape with shelf stand-out.

The design team at AGP - Europe used their digital in-house embossing technique to create the bottle’s design details, which maintains the integrity of the glass, protecting the carbonated drink inside. The ‘Belvoir Farm’ branding is embossed around the shoulder and a recessed band around the base of the bottle contains the embossed text ‘CRAFTED WITH BOTANICALS’.

The large, beautifully art-worked labels add to the appeal to consumers, who are now enjoying these low-sugar, full taste drinks in increasing numbers.

The fully recyclable glass bottles are in keeping with Belvoir Farm’s sustainability commitments and are filled in the company’s solar-powered bottling hall which generates up to one-third of their electricity requirements.

The Belvoir Farm Botanical Sodas bottle is a finalist in two packaging industry awards.

Ardagh hydrogen investment with Absolut

Ardagh Group and Absolut Vodka co-invest in hydrogen-fired glass furnace in a global industry first

Ardagh Group S.A. and Absolut Vodka’s latest collaboration will enable the global spirits brand to become the first to move to a partly hydrogen energy-fired glass furnace for large-scale ...

3 Nov 2022

Ardagh in Africa invest in third furnace

Ardagh Glass Packaging – Africa additional capacity investment in Gauteng, South Africa

Ardagh Glass Packaging – Africa (AGP – Africa) today announced a further extension of its Nigel production facility in Gauteng, South Africa. This investment in a third furnace (N3) foll...

1 Nov 2022

Investment in STEM education in Germany

Ardagh Group announces a major 10-year investment in STEM education in Germany impacting 200,000+ students

Ardagh Group S.A. today announced a major multi-year grant to Wissensfabrik to deliver science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education to students in primary and secondary ...

11 Oct 2022

Ardagh's new solar energy in Netherlands

Ardagh Group's new solar energy across the Netherlands

Ardagh Group S.A., (inclusive of Ardagh Metal Packaging and Ardagh Glass Packaging) and its renewable energy partners Eneco and Zoncoalitie are delighted to announce the start of constructio...

6 Oct 2022