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Ardagh Glass Holmegaard

Ardagh Glass Holmegaard

Our Holmegaard production facility in Denmark was founded on November 5, 1825.

Count Christian Conrad Sophus Danneskiold-Samsøe applied for a permit for the facility, to utilise the Holmegaard moor belonging to his estate, however the facility did not commence production until two years after his death, under the direction of his widow, the Countess Henriette Danneskiold –Samsøe.

Until 1831, the facility had one furnace, manufacturing only bottles. From 1832 household glass, art and industrial glass were also manufactured. A second furnace was built and the manufacturing of flint glass was initiated in 1835.

Ardagh Glass Holmegaard is part of Ardagh Group – a global leader in glass packaging, producing award-winning, sustainable glass bottles and jars for some of the world’s most influential brands. We are the only glass packaging producer in the Nordic region. Our aim is to create sustainable packaging solutions in Denmark, not only for Denmark and other Nordic countries but for all countries to which our customers export food and beverage products packed in glass.

Glass Packaging in Denmark

Glass packaging in Denmark

Ardagh Group is the biggest supplier of glass bottles and packaging in the Nordic region. The quality of our products and service is second to none. Through our continual improvement processes, rigorous key performance indicators and advanced inspection and production monitoring systems, we deliver determination to zero-defect quality in all of our packaging production facilities.

We produce glass packaging in all shapes and sizes for the world's leading brands. As well as offering numerous colour choices, we create distinctive and innovative glass packaging that can set a brand apart. Glass protects its contents perfectly, is eye-catching, has a strong shelf presence that expresses a brand’s personality.

Glass beer bottle manufacturer Denmark

Glass beer bottles

Glass bottles preserve the freshness, taste and quality of their contents, so is the perfect material for beer bottle packaging. Ardagh provides glass packaging in various shapes and designs for some of the world’s leading brewers, from its Nordic production facilities. We offer several different decoration options for our glass bottle manufacturing including pressure-sensitive labelling, embossing, coating, steam sleeving and screen printing. Learn more about these processes here.

Glass food jars manufacturer Denmark

Glass food jars

From baby food and vegetables to coffee and cook-in sauces, our glass bottles and jars are available in every size and shape. Glass provides the highest level of protection; nothing gets in or out, so food stays fresh without the need for refrigeration. You’ll find a large selection of our glass food jars and glass bottles in our Product Catalogue.

Glass cider bottles manufacturer Denmark

Glass cider bottles

It's hard to imagine golden, sparkling cider in any material other than a perfect glass bottle because nothing preserves the freshness, taste and quality quite like it. We produce glass cider bottles for some of the world’s leading brands, where exceptional quality is essential. Our Nordic glass manufacturing facilities are able to manage design projects across all product sectors in a variety of different shape profiles, to give brands unique stand out and aesthetic appeal to their glass cider bottles.

Glass wine bottles manufacturer Denmark

Glass wine bottles

For wine lovers, glass packaging is the only material that will do. Wine bottled in glass stays tasting great, and indeed, many bottled wines improve with age. Glass wine bottles allow brands to develop differentiation on the shelf through colour, shape and decoration. We can create eye-catching designs on any of our wine bottles, from magnificent graphics to state-of-the-art embossing.

Non-alcoholic beverage glass bottles Denmark

Non-alcoholic beverage glass bottles

This market includes everything from pure spring waters to soft drinks. We create glass packaging that adds shelf appeal, enhances the product image and gives a brand real cut-through in this competitive marketplace. We believe that our responsibility to our customers must extend throughout the supply chain. We invest heavily in an on-going programme of improvement and cater for many different customers’ needs. This includes glass bottles that are for different beverage purposes.

Spirit glass bottles manufacturer Denmark

Spirit glass bottles

Glass is the preferred packaging material for spirit producers and consumers in Denmark and throughout the world. Our spirit bottles are filled with world-famous whiskies, vodkas, gins, cocktails and liqueurs. We have created award-winning glass packaging for international spirit brands, who have trusted us with their packaging for many years.

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