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VK range gears up for Christmas

Global Brands has unveiled further investment in the RTD category in the shape of new, premium-look bottles from Ardagh Group for its award-winning VK range.

For the first time since its launch in 1999, and to complete the range’s recent makeover, the VK bottles have been redesigned for a more premium look and feel, and to improve stand out on shelf and in the fridge. The bottle necks are embossed, and the new labels are metallic to give the brand more consumer appeal.

Simon Green, Global Brands’ Marketing Director said: “The new bottle shape is the final phase of VK’s makeover. With new branding, new flavours and a targeted marketing campaign, we’ve adapted VK to meet the needs of today’s consumers and prepare the brand for increased exposure in 2012.”

“Global Brands will continue to invest in RTDs because they are hugely important to the makeup of on and off trade outlets, with products accounting for up to a quarter of fridge or shelf space. We’d encourage licensees and retailers to stock the brands that are adapting their offering to survive in a competitive market, and VK is one of the few brands that continues to drive interest in the category.”

In terms of volume growth, VK is the best performing RTD in the on trade. VK is outselling leading RTD brands by a four to one ratio in some instances.

The new-look VK bottles will be available in both on and off trade outlets by the end of November.

The brand re-design is part of the £10million ‘Make a VKend of it’ campaign, which aims to reinvigorate the RTD category and re-connect with consumers

30 Nov 2011