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The power of metal packaging in one volume

“The packaging designer must move from a disposable to a constant reuse mindset, which forms part of a broader effort to reduce waste by planning for a product’s potential recycling or reuse at the end of its life before it is even made.”

This comment is made by Professor Dr Michael Braungart (leading practitioner on environmental design and founder of the Cradle-to-Cradle principle) in the newly published handbook aimed at packaging designers and brand owners: The Power of Metal Packaging.

The handbook contains a series of thought provoking articles as well as summarising the latest developments in metal packaging as used in daily life. Roland ten Klooster, Professor of Packaging Design and Management at the University of Twente, the Netherlands and Chair of the Jury of the Packaging Design Award “Een GenialeVerpakking”, reflects on the fact that in the European Union alone 25,000 items of packaging are opened every second, and concludes that packaging makes a positive contribution to modern society.

There are hundreds of illustrated examples of best design practice from beer kegs to paint cans, hair care products to furniture polish, and a full array of food and drink brands. New decorating, lightweighting, design and handling techniques are also described.

“This is not the first reference work on exceptional packaging and graphic designs, but it is we believe the only one to focus solely on metal packaging,” says Woep Möller, Group Commercial Director of Ardagh Group, one of the world’s leading packaging companies who produced and published the book.

He adds: “By including the most comprehensive information on how to gain maximum environmental and marketing value from one of the most useful and popular packaging formats we are providing a valuable reference to the design community and brand owners worldwide.”

2 Nov 2011