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Diageo supplier innovation award for Ardagh

Ardagh has gained an important supplier award from major drinks company Diageo for the excellence and professionalism they have shown in Diageo’s Supplier Innovation Programme. This has resulted in the identification of several key projects - one of which is already underway - which are capable of taking Diageo closer to reaching their sustainability goals.

Left to right: Asaf Mahmood, Tony Baker,
Raymond Slater and Andrew Ferguson

The Diageo “2010 Supplier Innovation- Highly Commended” Award was presented to the Ardagh team involved on the project by Andrew Ferguson, Diageo’s Project Manager, Premium and Innovative Technologies. Ardagh was the only glass supplier to Diageo who gained an award.

The Supplier Innovation Programme was devised several years ago as a challenge for Diageo suppliers to find the most innovative and effective solutions to a specific brief, whilst meeting and supporting Diageo business platforms and brand strategies. The 2010 Project was centred around four pillars of “sustainability”: Reduce-Remove-Recycle-Reuse. Participants were asked to note the key Diageo vision “that by 2015 we will deliver premium and sustainable packaging with the smallest environmental footprint.”

Particular attention had to be focused on Diageo’s definition of sustainable packaging; that it would have the right commercial brand cues, meets the high quality standards, is fit for purpose, is made from materials and uses energy sources that will not be limited over time and is fully recyclable or reusable. An important consideration was that premium and sustainability can be part of the same proposition and do not have to be either or considerations.

Presenting the Award at Ardagh’s Glass Design Centre at Knottingley, Andrew Ferguson addressed the Design Centre team: “Congratulations to Ardagh for its creative and innovative work throughout this process. The whole team, Raymond Slater, Asaf Mahmood, Mark Messenger, Tony Baker and their colleagues have earned this award for their responsiveness, willingness to communicate at all times and their creativity - throughout they showed an enthusiasm to go that extra mile."

A delighted Tony Baker, Product and Mould Design Manager, Glass - UK, expressed the views of all his colleagues when he responded: “It was a privilege for us to participate in this project, as sustainability is a pivotal aspect of all that we do in glass packaging design. It was an equal pleasure to work with Andrew and his colleagues, and to be recognised for achieving an impressive result is a tribute to the 'freshthinking' mindset of our team.”

6 Jul 2011