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Ardagh produces new aerosol for L’Oréal Paris

21 Jun 2016

The World’s Lightest Aluminium Seafood Can

1 Jun 2016

Unique Ardagh Can Launched in Asia

26 May 2016

Alufoil Trophy win for Ardagh

13 Apr 2016

Bridgeton Achieves ISO Certification

22 Mar 2016

New €2.4 million state-of-the-art warehouse

21 Mar 2016

Origo Glass launches new range and price

14 Mar 2016

Educational Program on Glass and Recycling

16 Feb 2016

Unique digital features for metal packaging

16 Feb 2016

Ardagh taps into new serving system for kegs

1 Feb 2016

Aerosol & Dispensing Forum Paris 2016

29 Jan 2016

GameDay is a Victory for Glass Recycling

14 Jan 2016

WorldStar for aluminium Warsteiner bottle

17 Dec 2015

Honest Tea wins global packaging design award

11 Dec 2015

New 1.5 Liter Bordeaux Wine Bottle

9 Dec 2015

‘Inspirational’ award winning bottle design

2 Dec 2015

Ardagh’s aluminium design takes off in style

1 Dec 2015

Gold at 'Can of the Year Awards'

19 Nov 2015

Fridge friendly bottles for Thatchers

6 Nov 2015

Latest innovations at Brau Beviale 2015

27 Oct 2015

Cheese fondue in microwaveable bowl

13 Oct 2015

New Wall to Wall operation

9 Oct 2015

GameDay Recycling Challenge

6 Oct 2015

Ardagh and JDO create new Catto’s bottle

5 Oct 2015

Multiple Awards for Harrogate Water

25 Sep 2015

Ardagh supports ‘Upgrade to Glass’

16 Sep 2015

Multiple Designs. One Machine.

27 Aug 2015

O’Fallon Brewery New Bottle Design

26 Aug 2015

Glass Recycling Success Awarded

28 Jul 2015

Ardagh Group Debuts 64 Ounce Growler

7 Jul 2015

Moreno BHLV Served at Daytime Emmy Award

6 May 2015

Ardagh introduces 750ml Belgian bottle

10 Apr 2015

Ardagh Introduces Stelvin® Closures

31 Mar 2015

Warsteiner Collection shows its Metal

26 Mar 2015

Facility re-equipped for nutrition sector

26 Mar 2015

Absolut Vodka a contemporary phenomenon

24 Mar 2015

Winning ways to create glass packaging

23 Mar 2015

100 years of Coke Contour bottle

10 Mar 2015

Message reminds consumers to recycle

3 Mar 2015

Ardagh navigates new waters with Sailor Jerry

12 Jan 2015

Honest Tea wins Packaging Award

19 Dec 2014

World Innovation Award for Bombay Sapphire

17 Dec 2014

Exclusive agreement with Schlafly Beer

16 Dec 2014

Ardagh Group wins Clear Choice Awards

7 Nov 2014

SpRing Latch® Opening & Closing Innovation

6 Nov 2014

Bringing innovation to life at Brau 2014

7 Oct 2014

Ardagh wins 'Innovation of the Year' Award

6 Oct 2014

King Oscar finds new opening for can

6 Oct 2014

Bottle marks a special year for Scotland

6 Oct 2014

Diamond bottle for premium water brand

23 Sep 2014

Lightweighting expertise for Thatchers

12 Aug 2014

Ardagh gears up for a recycling success

22 Jul 2014

Oceans united by quality packaging

21 Jul 2014

Ardagh joins the World Cup

2 Jul 2014

Ardagh recognised for world class market

4 Jun 2014

Jameson bottle gets premium treatment

11 Mar 2014

Ardagh takes Coke bottle below 200g

13 Feb 2014

Triple Success in Worldstar Awards

29 Jan 2014

Ardagh goes into space

18 Jan 2014

Heineken & Ardagh Collaboration

18 Dec 2013

A trio of wins at the UK Packaging Award

4 Dec 2013

World class bottle for Absolut Originality

4 Nov 2013

Weighing things up

18 Oct 2013

The Global Nutrition Market

18 Oct 2013

Success of designer packaging

18 Oct 2013

Recognition for packaging innovation

14 Oct 2013

Fuller’s use Ardagh and Jkr to create bottle

9 Oct 2013

Amigos reveals new look bottle

2 Sep 2013

Starpack Award for Absolut Unique

12 Aug 2013

Contemporary new look to the Malibu bottle

17 Jul 2013

Weight reduction for Innis & Gunn

12 Jul 2013

The Perfect Mason

3 Jun 2013

Bofferding bottles its first beer in glass

28 May 2013

Brugal Rum repackaged in a stylish new bottle

24 May 2013

Paint cans awarded 'Widely Recycled' Status

16 May 2013

Next Generation Food Can

25 Apr 2013

New 300g Heinz glass jar

24 Apr 2013

Beck's Lightweight Bottle

7 Feb 2013

Quartet of successes for Ardagh Group

30 Jan 2013

Sharp details to new Jameson bottles

9 Oct 2012

Two trophies at 2012 Cans of the Year

9 Oct 2012

Presenting unique class at Brau 2012

5 Oct 2012

Unique bottles for Absolut

28 Sep 2012

Ardagh invests in new DWI food can line

27 Sep 2012

2012 Starpack Award for Coca Cola

18 Jul 2012

New debossing techniques for Aerosols

18 Jul 2012

New openings for lightweight RinGo®

17 Jul 2012

Ardagh invests in new food can line in Ukraine

21 May 2012

iF Packaging Awards in Glass and Metal

12 Mar 2012

Australian packaging first for Strongbow

10 Feb 2012

VK range gears up for Christmas

30 Nov 2011

The power of metal packaging

2 Nov 2011

New Ardagh bottle fit for an Emperor

27 Jul 2011

Five Packaging Awards at Interpack

20 May 2011

The Glenlivet luxurious new packaging

10 May 2011

Ardagh gains prestigious 2011 awards

7 Apr 2011

Ardagh Group to Participate at Interpack

1 Mar 2011

Worldstars for PowerClick® & KlickSafe®

17 Feb 2011

The new Absolut Limited Edition bottle

31 Jan 2011

UK Packaging News Awards toast Beer Keg

3 Nov 2010

Our place in the world of packaging

We produce over 35 billion containers a year. Whether it contains food, beverages, spirit or pharmaceuticals, our packaging has to deliver every single time. We invest heavily in meeting and exceeding the high levels of quality we set for ourselves; standards that are expected by our customers and in turn, by their customers.

This is what makes Ardagh a leading glass and metal packaging provider in a number of key markets in Europe, North America and around the world. We will continue to produce glass and metal packaging that combines practicality with innovation and sustainability, that reflects a brand’s personality, protects its contents and wherever possible, ‘wows’ consumers.

On average, people open seven items of packaging a day. That is around 140,000 over a typical lifetime!


Sustainable, 100% recyclable,
reusable and beautiful

The benefits of glass

Glass packaging protects its content and enhances a brand’s appeal. It is 100% and infinitely recyclable, making it the perfect packaging choice for today’s products and tomorrow’s.

Being infinitely recyclable a glass bottle or jar can be made into a new one over and over again, with no loss in quality or purity. Making new glass bottles and jars from recycled glass reduces the amount of energy needed in the production process and lowers emissions into the atmosphere.

Ardagh produces distinctive and innovative glass packaging in all shapes and sizes for the world's biggest brands and offers a choice of almost 20 different colours.



Versatile, innovative and
permanently recyclable

The benefits of metal

Metal packaging is universally recognised for its protective qualities, versatility and environmental credentials. As well as being 100% and infinity recyclable, it has the best recycling rates of all packaging materials in Europe, contributing to a circular economy. It offers infinite design opportunities like no other material and is used across the world in many market sectors.

Constantly evolving production technologies are used to ensure exciting possibilities in metal packaging for the future.